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Grass trimmer EXCELION ALPHA

Powerful, the new professional Excelion Alpha edge trimmer and its on-board 520 battery (or 260 battery) have nothing to envy to heat engines.

Simplicity, speed of execution and maneuverability are ensured thanks to this new concept.

Convincing productivity with a speed of up to 6400 rpm and an average autonomy of 3 hours.

Its versatility makes it suitable for mowing tall, dense grass as well as for finishing mowing.



  • Ensures a cutting diameter of 400mm and up to 6400 rpm with 3mm wire.
  • An autonomy of 1h30 to 3h30 depending on the type of work to be done, with the 520 battery,
  • Autonomy of 40mn to 1h45 with the 260 battery.


  • Carrying strap with hold in position.
  • Alpha Cut cutting head for quick wire loading.
  • Simple and quick to execute thanks to its on-board battery.

  • Adjustable and reversible round handle for better tool handling.

  • Display of autonomy in%.


Equipment supplied with a TAPCUT ALPHA cutting head, a carrying strap, a TORX key, a user guide.
(the battery is not included in the price).


PriceFrom €700.00
Sales Tax Included
  • *Please Note while we normally stock this item, due to the different options available the exact spec or model you wish to order may not always be in stock.

    If we receive an order we will immediately contact you to inform you if the item is available for immediate dispatch or if it needs to be ordered into stock before it can be dispatched. We will have contacted our supplier and will be able to advise of the best possible date.

    If this lead time is not acceptable for you we will refund your payment immediately.

  • Max power - W 900
    Weight (excluding cutting tool, housing and battery) - kg 3.1
    Weight (complete tool with ALPHA CUT and crankcase, excluding battery) - kg 3.6
    Maximum rotation speed - revolutions / min 3 speeds: 4000/5800/6400