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JFHanley have installed well in excess of 200,000m of motorway fencing nationwide covering all projects from road realignments to national infrastructure projects. 

We supply all types of NRA Spec Fencing such as Timber post and Rail Variants RCD/300/1, RCD/300/2, SCD X-Fence and mammal fence etc.

All materials are CE approved.

RCD 300/1 Timber Post & Rail Fence

Timber Post & Rail Fence RCD 300/1 .png

SCD 300/20 Timber Post & Tension Mesh Fence

Timber Post and Tension Mesh Fence SCD30
Timber post and tension mesh SCD 300/20

INTERESTED? Speak to the Team:

John Hanley

John Hanley is the Managing director of Fencing, with in excess of 40 years in the fencing business he has a wealth of knowledge in the field.

Selina Galvin

Selina Galvin heads up the fencing operations division. 

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