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ULIB 1500  PELLENC battery  in  lithium-ion  multifunction professional

(1500 Wh)

Battery sold without charger, harness or charger

(recommended charger 3.75 A ref. 131941 charging  time 12 h)

for the cord: consult us according to the tools you want to adapt

Attention:  the harness ref. 57183  is sold separately.

(non-contractual photo)

IP54 battery (waterproof).

Nominal supply voltage: 43.62 V.

Battery capacity: 35 Ah

Battery weight: 7.5 kg.



- The highest stored energy capacity on the market.

- Can be used with all the tools of the PELLENC portable power tool range.

- Instant start in all weathers, thanks to an IP54 waterproof level.

- 50% more autonomy compared to the ULIB 1100: 

up to 5 hours of work in a real situation with the RASION mower

up to 6 hours of work in a real situation with the AIRION 2 blower



- Compact, it allows freedom of movement and optimization of the quality of work.

- Comfortable thanks to the breathable textile mesh harness.

- Easy to transport thanks to its ergonomic handle.

- Tool connection from above or below.

- Easy to handle thanks to the Easy Clip system, which can be clicked on and off with one hand.

- Backlit autonomy level display.

- Visible at night or in difficult weather conditions thanks to the 4 reflectors and the flashing of the display.



PriceFrom €2,705.00
Sales Tax Included
  • *Please Note while we normally stock this item, due to the different options available the exact spec or model you wish to order may not always be in stock.

    If we receive an order we will immediately contact you to inform you if the item is available for immediate dispatch or if it needs to be ordered into stock before it can be dispatched. We will have contacted our supplier and will be able to advise of the best possible date.

    If this lead time is not acceptable for you we will refund your payment immediately.

  • Economical  : 

    - Daily cost of 0.22 €

    - Throughout its lifespan, the 1500 battery can perform work equivalent to that of 7000 L of gasoline and 135 L of mixed oil.


    Sustainable  : 

    - Very high capacity lithum-ion elements tested under severe conditions of use.

    - Lifespan of more than 1300 charge cycles, greater than 5 years (one cycle corresponding to a full charge and discharge).

    - 80% recyclable battery.