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The ULIB 1200 battery  PELLENC to Li thium Ion is multifunctional, for use pro fessional, it can replace the engine in a context economic and ecological .

(1221 W / h) Equivalent: 5640 L gasoline

Watertightness: IP54

Voltage: 43.62 V

Battery mass / weight: 6.3 kg

Harness: 1.5 kg note ! Sold without harness 57183 )

Supplied without harness, cord or charger

The autonomy of this new battery has been increased by 20% compared to the ULIB 1100 version. Better balance, ergonomics, power, precision and comfort are combined.

The lifespan has been extended by 40%, in line with PELLENC SA's desire to reduce direct CO2 emissions and guarantee 80% recycling of the product.

The ULiB 1200 battery, unmatched power, long-lasting function

Battery life has been increased by 20% compared to the ULiB 1100 version. This battery has the highest capacity on the market, equivalent to 5640L of gasoline. Pellenc engineers have worked on balance and ergonomics so that power, precision and comfort come together. This major innovation allows an extended lifespan of 40%. It is part of Pellenc's desire to reduce direct CO2 emissions and guarantee 80% recycling of the product.

Pellenc is the pioneer of professional battery-powered tools. With more than 12 years of experience in lithium-ion technology, his mastery in this field is incomparable. The ULiB 1200 battery guarantees performance, ergonomics and autonomy that revolutionize the use of power tools by professionals.

An intuitive harness, optimal mobility

The ergonomics and lightness of the new Pellenc harness offer an optimal level of comfort in use. Its weight is perfectly distributed over the essential back support axes. Thus, 70% of the mass rests on the hips, for only 30% on the shoulders. The intuitive adjustment of the entire carrying system, from the straps to the back column, adapts to all body types and work habits. The battery is also reversible on its harness to facilitate work closer to the ground as with the blower or the cultivator for example. The specificity of this harness is based on a rotating pivot between the shoulder blades, leaving the shoulders free of any movement. So-called "reminder" straps

A battery in constant interaction with the operator

An HMI screen managed by an intelligent processor makes it possible to optimize the use of the battery. It indicates a great deal of information, such as the working time per tool, the maximum power delivered by the battery or even “fault” alerts. In addition, the flashing mode of the screen and the reflectors allow the operator to be visible at all times and in particular in the dark.

Through this new battery and its harness, Pellenc has set itself the objective of increasing working time while reducing arduousness. Combining performance and comfort, these innovations help preserve the physical health of professionals.

Technical characteristics of the ULiB 1200 battery

Available energy: 1221 W / h
Battery mass: 6.3 kg + 1.5 kg of harness
resistance : IP 54 Autonomy: according to the PELLENC tool. For example for AIRION AND EXCELION Up to 5h (+ 20% / 1100 battery) Lifespan
: More than 1300 charge cycles (> 5 years)



Sales Tax Included

    Compatible charger :

    Charger 57230

    (recharge to 100% in 3:00 p.m., to 90% in 1:00 p.m.)

    Autonomy: + 20% compared to ULIB 1100

    2 years warranty

    EXTENSION OF 1 additional year. To benefit from it

    Register within 1 month from the date of purchase to obtain your 3rd year warranty free of charge .</