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Chainsaw - Professional electric pruner C21 HD

Non-contractual photo. Sold with guide ref. 72884 and chain ref. 81794. Delivered without battery.

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Light :

Only 2kg - perfect for climbing


- High power thanks to the PELLENC 2000 W brushless motor (equivalent to 45 cm³) which increases the torque.

- Guide which reinforces the chain tension for an optimization of the use.

- Allows good chip evacuation with its magnesium casing and thus prevents blockages.

- Profitable: reduces chain oil consumption by 30%.

- Offers a day's autonomy in pruning and climbing.

- Side chain tensioner facilitating chain tension.

- Automatic chain tension.

Security :

- Safe work with a claw allowing a more straightforward attachment to the branches and the trunk.

- Automatic electric chain brake in the event of a fall or rebound.

- Reduction of the rebound phenomenon compared to a conventional chainsaw.

- Reinforced front hand protection.


- Ergonomic Soft Touch handle for more comfort.

- Noise-free operation facilitating long-term use.


Peristaltic pump - automatic chain tensioner - integrated retractable key - electronic chain brake.

* values ​​determined according to acoustic measurement standards DIN EN ISO 3744: 1995 and DIN EN ISO 11201: 1996.

** vibration emission values ​​according to DIN EN60745-2-13: 2008-Uncertainty Kd = 1.5m / s2.

*** As an indication: the times were observed in actual working time, without taking breaks into account. Autonomy is influenced by the nature of the work required.


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  • Max Power 2000 W 
    Thermal equivalence 45
    Weight 2 kg 
    Motor speed  6,200 rpm
    Chain speed 14.5 m / s
    Guide length 30/12 "cm / inch                   
    OREGON channel  not 1/4 "
    Type  25AP
    Number of jerseys 70E
    Pinion 11 teeth 1/4 "
    Tank capacity  25 cm³
    Sound pressure (LpA) * - dB (A) 84
    Vibration level Front handle (Ah) ** 96 m / s
    Autonomy *** with ULIB 700 Up to 1 day