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Comfort harness for ULIB 1200 and 1500 batteries.(to use with 700 and 1100 batteries an adapter plate is provided:ref. 139091 not supplied)


Ergonomic:- Weight perfectly distributed over the essential back support axes: 70% mass on the hips and only 30% on the shoulders.- Intuitive adjustment of straps, shoulder straps and back column adaptable to all body types and all work habits.- Battery height adjustment: 7-level lever for all sizes and all types of work.-


Back adjustment: Rotary pivot between the shoulder blades, designed to leave the shoulders free of all movements, the battery remaining fixed.- Quick clipping of the battery on its support.- Unparalleled comfort allowing longer working time.


Adaptable:Adaptable to PELLENC 700 and 1100 batteriesRelay connectors compatible with all PELLENC toolsUp / down sliding chest buckle adjustment, well fit for womenExtension strap to adjust the weight of the battery on the hipsUltra thick X-shaped waistband for all body types with quick tightening / release.


Resistant :- Designed for intensive professional use.- Belt made of a thick uniform block of foam reducing wear. WARNING ! to use this harness with the EXCELION 2000, a special adapter is required: ref. 135500


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  • *Please Note while we normally stock this item, due to the different options available the exact spec or model you wish to order may not always be in stock.

    If we receive an order we will immediately contact you to inform you if the item is available for immediate dispatch or if it needs to be ordered into stock before it can be dispatched. We will have contacted our supplier and will be able to advise of the best possible date.

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  • Economical  : 

    - Daily cost of 0.22 €

    - Throughout its lifespan, the 1500 battery can perform work equivalent to that of 7000 L of gasoline and 135 L of mixed oil.


    Sustainable  : 

    - Very high capacity lithum-ion elements tested under severe conditions of use.

    - Lifespan of more than 1300 charge cycles, greater than 5 years (one cycle corresponding to a full charge and discharge).

    - 80% recyclable battery.