Powerful, the EXCELION 2 battery-powered brush cutter offers unmatched professional performance for intensive landscaping and forestry work. With the ULiB 1500 battery, it ensures a working time adapted to demanding sites. In addition, thanks to its smart handle, you can use your brush cutter and benefit from digital information in real time. Extremely light, choose the handlebar or round grip option whichever best suits your working habits. Durable and multifunctional, it allows you to do brush clearing, mulching, trimming and sawing work. Its robust CITY CUT weeding head designed not to scatter debris is the optimal alternative solution to using chemicals in urban areas.


  • A surprising level of power in an electric brush cutter, 6,600 rpm Ø 420 mm
  • New ultra-durable blue cutting wire, anti-jamming
  • TAP CUT 3, suitable for intensive work, metal insert to reinforce the base.

Smart management

  • Real-time information.


  • From green space maintenance to brush clearing
  • Smart motor control and cutting heads adapted to a wide range of worksites.


  • 30% lighter than an equivalent petrol brush cutter
  • Perfectly balanced, ultra-efficient.


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  • Specs

    Technical characteristics

    Cutting wire diameter – mm 420 420
    Cutting diameters mulching blade/blades/saw – mm 290/320/230 290/320/230
    Weight (with TAP CUT 3 + casing, without cable) – kg 6,5 5,5
    Weight (without TAP CUT 3, without casing, and without cable) – kg 5,9 4,9
    Rotation speeds – rpm 1 = 3000 / 2 = 4200 / 3 = 5400 / 4 = 6600 Boost 1 = 3000 / 2 = 4200 / 3 = 5400 / 4 = 6600 Boost
    Max. wire diameters – mm ø 2.4 to 3 ø 2.4 to 3
    Guaranteed sound pressure (LpA)* – dB(A)
    Guaranteed noise output level (LWA)* – dB(A)
    Max vibration level (ah)** – m/s2
    Interchangeable heads and blades which can be
    adapted to fit bells
    TAP CUT 2 & 3, CITY CUT, mulching kit with high bell + mulching blade, sawing kit + saw, triple blade or double blade + low bell. TAP CUT 2 & 3, CITY CUT, mulching kit with high bell + mulching blade, sawing kit + saw, triple blade or double blade + low bell.
    Carrying kit for the harness included included
    TAP CUT 3 semi-automatic cutting head included included
    Low cup compatible with tri-blade and twin blade included included
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