Agri-Fab ATV or Lawn tractor Towed Spreader 45-03296

Agri-Fab ATV or Lawn tractor Towed Spreader 45-03296

Agri-Fab Spreaders allow for an even application f fertilizer to your lawn. Most grass fertilizers are nitrogen based, these should only really be applied when the grass is growing. for maximum impact you may want to apply fertilizer ever 4 to 6 weeks depending on the weather conditions, this will give you a very green and even lawn. You can start spreading fertilizer from March on usually or as soon as the grass begins to grow. Spreaders can also double up in the winter months by spreading salt on frozen road and pathways. Spreaders should be thoroughly washed between applications and in particular before being stored following salt spreading.


Agri Fab 45-03296 ATV or Lawn tractor Towed Spreader

The Agri Fab 45-05021 towed broadcast spreader has a hopper capacity of 80kg (175lb) which can provide 1 acre (4,000 square meters/40,000 square feet) of coverage spreading anything from seeds, fertilizers and Salt for melting ice and the stainless steel plates resisting corrosion.

This stylish spreader has ergonomic controls making operation more efficient. The enclosed commercial grade gearbox and large pneumatic wheels make the machine smooth rolling and easy to maintain. The spreader grate integrated into the machine will make the material flow and performance improve.

Both hopper and spreader plate are rust proof polyethylene for increased product life. The wide format pneumatic tyres make it easy to cope with all-terrain and when you have a hopper cover included with the spreader you can keep any materials dry in the worse of the weather.

  • Tubular Steel framed towed broadcast spreader
  • Polyethylene, Rust-proof hopper
  • Extra Large volume hopper 80kgs/130lb capacity
  • Large wide format pneumatic wheels
  • Very wide 24"-144" coverage
  • Enclosed commercial gearbox
  • Hopper cover included


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  • Specs

    Product Name: 185 lb. Tow Spreader
    Model Number: 45-0329
    UPC: 052613453292
    Weight: 58 lbs.
    Carton Dimension (L x W x H): 38.7" x 18.3" x 24.9"
    Assembled Product Dimension (L x W x H): 43.0" x 38.0" x 41.0"
    Category: Spreaders
    Wheel Dimension: 15.0" x 6.0"
    Wheel Type: Pneumatic
    Standard Pack: 0 

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