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Designed to Pulverise Overgrown Vegetation

The Quad-X Flail mower has been innovatively designed with a high speed rotor to pulverise vegetation cutting it into small pieces for faster decomposition.  It is capable of dealing with overgrown areas of grass and weeds such nettles, thistles, and docks, making it ideal for general field use such as topping and weed control.

It is powered by a 16HP or 18HP V-twin Briggs & Stratton engine, both of which carry a 3 year warranty. 


Deck Design

By using 3-D finite element analysis on the deck we have been able to design the mower for maximum strength and minimum weight, making it easier to tow and reducing tyre indentation on the ground surface.


Adjustable Cutting Height & Adjustable Offset Function

The Quad-X Flail mower boasts the infinite cutting height adjustable, from 20mm to 200mm to suit various types and heights of vegetation.


Adjustable offset drawbar to position your machine to suit whatever particular job you are working at such as maintaining field borders.


High Speed Rotor & Blade Design

The Quad-X Flail mower has been designed with a high speed rotor to pulverise the overgrown vegetation, cutting it into small pieces for faster decomposition.


The Quad-X flail mower is fitted with specially designed grass blades for cutting your overgrown areas of grass and weeds such as nettles, docks, and thistles.

Flail Grass Blades


Optional Rush Blades

If you are working in more dense vegetation you can upgrade your blades to toothed rush blades.


Wheel Positioning

The Quad-X Flail mower has side and rear wheel positioning as standard with NO EXTRAS REQUIRED.  Making it ideal for working in restricted narrow areas or for cutting and maintaining field boundaries etc.


Flotation Tyres as standard

The Quad-X Flail mower comes standard with large flotation tyres to make the machine suitable for use on all areas of you farm even in the soft / wet fields.


Additional Features

  • Adjustable Tow Height – Suitable for use with any vehicle whether it is a ATV, UTV, jeep or small tractor.
  • Debris Guard for maximum rider protection
  • Auto Drive Engagement

For heavier vegetation such as rushes see our Power Shredder!



Engine Size

The Quad-X Flail mower have been fitted with a commercial Briggs & Stratton V-Twin engine which carry a 3 year warranty.

Depending on what vegetation you are cutting choose from the following engines sizes:

  • 16HP V-Twin Briggs & Stratton engine 1.3m (4ft) electric start
  • 18HP V-Twin Briggs & Stratton engine 1.3m (4ft) electric start



Photos are for illustration proposes only. Prices include VAT, exclude any dealer installation and/or freight charges. Freight is ex-Ballydooley, Roscommon Co Roscommon F42DD74. JF Hanley Groundcare reserves the right to change recommended price, design and/or specifications without notice. Errors and omissions excepted.


Quad-X Flail Mower range

PriceFrom €6,449.00
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  • *Please Note while we normally stock this item, due to the different options available the exact spec or model you wish to order may not always be in stock.

    If we receive an order we will immediately contact you to inform you if the item is available for immediate dispatch or if it needs to be ordered into stock before it can be dispatched. We will have contacted our supplier and will be able to advise of the best possible date.

    If this lead time is not acceptable for you we will refund your payment immediately.


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