Quad-X Weed Wipeout 2 Auto feed

Quad-X Weed Wipeout 2 Auto feed

Quad-X have came up with the ultimate solution to achieve massive savings on chemical and launched the Weed Wipeout 2 with new enhanced features including:

  • 14% less chemical usage- thanks to further R&D on the chemical application process.
  • New tank retaining system- new tank positioning for balanced weight distribution.
  • Improved frame design for extra strength- even more lightweight.
  • Improved design for maintenance- reduced service time and no tools required!

The Quad-X Weed Wipeout 2 boasts a number of innovative features such as Dual Rollers and Automatic Weed Detection.

The Weed Detection System automatically activates the system to apply the optimum amount of chemical to the rollers, only when weeds are present, leaving you free to concentrate on driving, while saving chemical.

Contra Rotating Dual Rollers apply the chemical to the sensitive underside of the weed giving a more efficient and faster Kill rate.


Massive savings on chemical, Dual Rollers offer the most cost effective solution to grassland weed control.

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Innovative dual, contra rotating long fibre Rollers

Dual Rollers rotate in opposite directions for optimum chemical application- for quicker kill.

The 1st contra-rotating roller lifts the weed and applies the chemical to the sensitive underside, rather than the waxy surface, for faster kill rates.

The 2nd roller acts to seperate out clumps of weeds for better application, Chemical is applied to the primary roller, while the 2nd roller absorbs any excess to minimise drips.

Achieves up to 100% kill rates- without the need to wipe in the other direction, to save time and chemical.


Automatic Weed detection and chemical application system

Fill your tank and drive- No need for guesswork

The weed detection system automatically activates the system to apply the optimum amount of chemical to the rollers, only when weeds are present, leaving you free to concentrate on driving, while saving on chemical.

Unique Chemical control system to regulate chemical application rates for different weed densities. The Wipeout 2 offers improved performance with 14% less chemical us age to previous models thanks to further R&D on the chemical application process.


Unique Atomisation Technology for better chemical application

Through considerable development time and investment, Quad-X has discovered a process of unique atomisation technology where chemical is applied in the form of a micro bubble wich attach themselves to the open fibre roller without bursting.

Upon contact with the weed the micro-bubbles burst and provide better stem coverage than the standard chemical film approach

Height Range and Spring Assisted Lift

  • With the largest Height Range on the market; the Wipeout 2 can be adjusted from 140mm-380mm.
  • Spring Assisted lift is now fitted as standard on the Wipeout 2, to allow for easy height adjust even with a full tank mounted on the machine.


Unique Drawbar Design so the roller is first to come into contact with weeds after the towing vehicle (weeds aren’t knocked down by drawbar).


Flotation Tyres

Knobby 22-11×8 flotation tyres which make the machine suitable for use on soft/wet ground, also optimal chemical application, no pick-up on the wheels.


The total width of the machine is 2.4m (8ft)


Wireless Control Box

The Wipeout 2 is equipped with a new wireless control box.  A handlebar mounted control box is within easy reach to adjust the unique chemical control system which regulates chemical application rates for different weed densities.


Service Access

The Wipeout 2 is equipped with handy service access points for each reach of the atomisers.

New Tank Retaining System

The Wipeout 2 is designed that the tank can be mounted on machine using a new secure tank retaining system.


UV Protected Tank

The Weed WIpeout 2 comes with the option of a 60L or 100L UV Protected Tank, which also comes with the Quad-X Superpump.  Inline filter and pressure control included with tank. 


Handlance Kit add €75 inc vat.

Spray while you wipe for those areas hard to get at.


Wiring Kit and Pressure control option if using an existing sprayer tank add €45 inc vat.


Elite System add €1650 inc vat.

All the features of the Wipeout 2 but also comes with a unique chemical injection system that prevents chemical being wasted.


Bout Marker add €800 inc vat.

Assists the operator by clearly indicating the line of travel needed to ensure all ground is covered without misses or overlaps.


Photos are for illustration proposes only. Prices include VAT, exclude any dealer installation and/or freight charges. Freight is ex-Ballydooley, Roscommon Co Roscommon F42DD74. JF Hanley Groundcare reserves the right to change recommended price, design and/or specifications without notice. Errors and omissions excepted.



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