HELION 2 COMPACT is part of the PELLENC electric hedge trimmer range.

It offers professional cut quality .

The work is carried out in an odorless environment .

The proposed line is ergonomic, light, economical and allows the maintenance of hedges and other shrubs.

Several types of interchangeable cutter bars offer the possibility of cutting and finishing work. 

Product delivered without battery and without cutter bar.

(Compatible with R4 cm cutter bars).

Supplied with various accessories (for information: 1 tool connecting cord to the battery, 1 torx screwdriver, 1 cuff, 6 spare screws for the cutting head)

Cutting power for folding and finishing. Anti -blocking system of the blades. System Fast connector : connection and quick disconnection of HELION 2 COMPACT.

Better compromise between vibrations and cutting capacity.

Soft Touch swivel handle .

Retractable trigger.



Max power - W 1200
Heat engine equivalence - cm³ 30
Weight (with 63cm cutter bar) - kg 3.5
Pole length - cm nc
Cutting rate - cuts / min 3,200 to 3,800
Available cutting length - cm 27 - 51 - 63 (with / without deflector) - 75
Tooth spacing - mm 40
Tooth height - mm 24
5 notch swivel handle +/- 90 °
Multi-position swivel cutting head no
Sound pressure (LPA) * - dB (A) 84
Guaranteed sound power (LWA) * - dB (A) 92
Vibration level Front handle (ah) ** - m / s² 2.6
Vibration level Rear handle (ah) ** - m / s² 3
Quick Switch Series
Fast Connector Series
4 speed selector Series
Belt carrying kit no
Harness carrying kit no
Autonomy *** with ULiB 750 Up to 1.5 days

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: HAVE THE TOOL REVISED EVERY 200 hours or once a year minimum.
Always store a clean tool and a charged battery.

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