ATV Rear Quiver Box Wydale

ATV Rear Quiver Box Wydale

With all the features of the Trunk box but with the added bonus of deep storage compartments hanging over the rear of the bike the Quiver is the ideal solution for transporting electric fencing or longer tools. Manufactured from robust Polyethylene it is strong, durable yet can be fitted to the bike in seconds. The deep compartments do not effect the drawbar so a trailer can still be used. (Please note the lids shown are optional extras - see other ATV products)

Optional Extras.

- Feeder Atachment
- Small or Large Lid

Width - 0.86m
Depth - 0.7m
Height - 0.23m
Rear Compartment depth - 0.63m

  • Specs

    Tough Construction


    Moulded From Polyethene

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