Atv front dry box ATV City

Atv front dry box ATV City

Red And Black Tool Or Storage Box | AGRI

  • Suitable For Front Or Rear Mounting.
  • Complete With 2 Lift Out Trays and Bolt On Mounting Kit.




Length: 750mm

Height: 220mm

Width: 310mm

Internal Depth: 200mm

  • Specs

    ATV Front Dry Box

    Rustproof & Weather Proof

    Ideal For Keeping Tools Dry

    Maintenance Free

    Corner Upstands Will Support A Bale Of Hay

  • Product availability

    *Please Note while we normally stock this item, due to the different options available the exact spec you wish to order may not always be in stock.

    If we receive an order we will immediately contact you to inform you if the item is available for immediate dispatch or if it need to be ordered into stock before it can be dispatched. We will have contacted our supplier and will be able to advise of the best possible date.

    If the lead time is not acceptable for you we will refund your payment immediately.

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