Agri-Fab 52" Heavy duty Towed Sweeper 45-0546

Agri-Fab 52" Heavy duty Towed Sweeper 45-0546



Agri-Fab Sweepers allow the fast collection of leaves and clippings from your lawn or drive way. Quick attach them to any make or model of garden tractor and drive around your property to tidy and collect every unsightly piece of debris. Big collection hoppers can tip out the collected leaves and grass into a large pile, this can be done from many models while sill on the seat of your tractor. The height adjustment makes them versatile for use on roads and pathways.


Agri-Fab 45-0546 Towed Grass/Leaf-Sweeper

Hitch up this 132cm (4 foot 4 inch) leaf-sweeper to your lawn tractor and clear leaves, grass and debris over large areas quickly, thoroughly and efficiently!

This sweeper comes with a comes equipped with a huge 708-litre hopper/Bag, so you’ll be able to cover huge areas without stopping; and it features a stamped-steel surround and housing which will give the unit high strength and durability. The brushes are adjustable, which means you can adapt to the surface-type; while a universal hitch-pin ensures compatibility with all makes of tractor.

Easy to operate and tip from the seat of your garden tractor, this attachment will make drive way and lawn sweeping an easy task.


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  • Specs

    Product Name: 52" Lawn Sweeper
    Model Number: 45-0546
    UPC: 052613105467
    Weight: 95 lbs.
    Pallet Quantity: 10
    Carton Dimension (L x W x H): 61.3" x 17.8" x 13.8"
    Assembled Product Dimension (L x W x H): 70.0" x 60.0" x 38.0"
    Category: Sweepers
    Wheel Dimension: 11.0" x 2.5"
    Brush to Wheel Ratio: 4.25:1
    Wheel Type: Semi-pneumatic
    Standard Pack: 1 

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