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Product Description

Designed for lopping and trimming branches overhead without the need for ladders or mechanical access systems. Also great when working on uneven or sloping ground.

Product Features


  • Thanks to the telescopic pole extending up to 3.12 metres - no tools required. This machine will make cuts 5 metres above ground and therefore even on the highest branches.
  • With the saw also adjustable through 5 intermediate positions from 0deg to 90deg. This is a pruner unique in its class in todays market, delivering top performance in any operating position and giving a better view of the cutting area.
  • Aluminium engine shroud affording superior mechanical strength.
  • Professional type oiler ensures constant lubrication of the bar and chain.
  • Adjustment (5 positions): 0º + 90º


Photos are for illustration proposes only. Prices include VAT, exclude any dealer installation and/or freight charges. Freight is ex-Ballydooley, Roscommon Co Roscommon F42DD74. JF Hanley Groundcare reserves the right to change recommended price, design and/or specifications without notice. Errors and omissions excepted.

OLEO-MAC PPX 271 Professional polesaw/pruner

Sales Tax Included
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    If this lead time is not acceptable for you we will refund your payment immediately.

    • Technical Data


      Displacement 1.3 HP - 1.0 kW/27cc
      Weight 7.9KG
      Blade length 25cm / 10"
      Blade pitch 3/8 " x .043"

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