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SOLO byAL-KO LSB 550/6 log splitter

SKU: 113788

  • Vertical log splitter
  • Up to 55 cm splitting length and 6.0 tonne splitting force
  • Strong, torsion-resistant frame construction for more safety and longer life
  • Two-hand safety control
  • Incl. transport wheels


Variable, precise and strong: the vertical log splitters from AL-KO are ideal for splitting large pieces of wood.


The AL-KO LSV 550/6 vertical log splitter

With the vertical log splitters from AL-KO, even larger logs can be split easily. The two-hand safety control with integrated wood holding claws guarantees safe working and exact splitting of the wood. Thin or diagonally cut wood can also be precisely split thanks to the durable, high-quality materials and multi-welded components that ensure a long lifespan for the log splitter.


Technical details of the AL-KO LSV 550/6 electric log splitter

The AL-KO LSV 550/6 wood splitter from AL-KO splits pieces of wood with a length of up to 55 cm. It achieves a maximum splitting force of 6.0 T. Due to the solid construction and the